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Happy Easter!

So my Easter Sunday consisted of waking up at 7:15 to be at the Convention Center for day 3 of the vball tournie at 9:15ish. I got to walk around for awhile before our game and saw the LIBA girls!!!

Oh how i love the LIBA girls. <3

Then we played.. which i wont get into much detail on, lets just say SUCK. yea and we lost.

but after i watched LIBA play and said hey with all them, which made me superr happy.

Went to Phillips at the harbor with the rents for lunch/dinner and then walkin in the harbor mall saw LAURA from LIBA, who is so amazingly awesome. =]

Hung out with the family and the relatives from new jersey at Gmas til like 8:30, MICHIGAN WON!!!!!! wahoooo

Then watched blue collar with them, fun stuff. now i get to wake up early for softball practice at 8am. and my shoulder kills. ugh. lol ex oh, happy easter!
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